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Year in review: 2016 at Iconfinder

2016 was a very special year for Iconfinder. We hit a bunch of significant milestones while growing our marketplace, introduced an array of new products, and expanded our team. And, most importantly, we kept designers at the forefront of our focus. We continued on building means that help icon designers do what they truly love – design icons – and get recognition. At the same time, we worked on making sure that our users can find the right icons for their projects in no time.

Following is a closer look at Iconfinder in 2016 and what we and our contributing designers have accomplished this year.

Iconfinder goes One Million Icons

One of the major milestones (and happiest Iconfinder moments) this year was reaching a spectacular number of 1,000,000 icons available on our marketplace. We have spent 8 years getting to 500,000 icons, but it took us only a year to double in size. This would not have been achieved without a constant flow of fine icon submissions by our contributors.


To celebrate the occasion, we held 2 big competitions, and gave away an iPad Pro + Apple Pen and a trip to our Dribbble meetup in Copenhagen to two lucky winners – Creative Stall and Luke Cuttel. Our milestone created a nice buzz on Twitter, resulting in approximately 500 tweets featuring #onemillionicons hashtag.

With a current growth of approximately 50,000 icons per month, we are closing the year with even more solid figure of over 1,300,000 icons, and are pretty excited about hitting that second million in year 2017.

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What’s been popular in 2016

To wrap up the year, we thought it would be interesting to look at who were the top performing icon designers, and which icons were the most popular among the users.



Facebook as the top search term has been dominating for a while now. Let’s look at what other things users were searching for, and how the most popular terms changed compared to 2015.

Position Search term Change since 2015
1 facebook 0  nochange
2 arrow 0  nochange
3 phone 0  nochange
4 search 1   arrowup
5 user -1  arrowdown
6 instagram 6  arrowup
7 download 3  arrowup
8 home -2  arrowdown
9 money -1  arrowdown
10 email -1  arrowdown
11 people 2  arrowup
12 twitter -5  arrowdown

Top search terms in 2016

Notice how instagram jumped 6 places up, and twitter went 5 places down. Our favorite though, is people getting 2 places up and money going one place down (just to add some positivity to it).

And for the cherry on top, we listed the top sellers of 2016, along with the amount of icons they offer on Iconfinder, and their location.

Rank Name Icons Country
1 Creative Stall 72,086 Pakistan
2 Martial Red 2,846 US
3 IcoJam 21,563 Russia
4 Aha-soft 35,566 Russia
5 Laura Reen 6,428 Czech Republic
6 Vectors Market 71,459 Pakistan
7 Paul Simpson 3,866 Ireland
8 Webalys 14,864 US
9 Sergei Kokota 7,129 Estonia
10 Maxim Basinski 5,187 Moldova

Top 10 contributors based on sales in 2016

It is extremely pleasing to see our contributors doing well. For some of them, sales on Iconfinder become a game changer, allowing them to quit the daily jobs and focus 100% on icon design. For others, it turns into a nice source of extra income.

Whatever is the case, we are delighted to be part of our contributors’ journey of constant improvement, and we are curious to see what they are going to achieve next year.

En route to conquer the world

During 2016, we have attended 10 designer conferences and meetups in 7 countries and even organized one ourselves. In these events, we handed out approximately 1720 colourful t-shirts with printed Iconfinder mascot. Even Tobias Van Schneider got one! It’s hard to describe how good it feels every now and then spotting people wearing Iconfinder t-shirt. Fun fact (and a top secret): the color pairings for our t-shirts were inspired by combinations used by NIKE.

In September, we organized a Dribbble meetup in Copenhagen, featuring three amazing speakers: the founder of Sketch Pieter Omvlee, the creator of Framer Koen Bok, and Danish design star Michael Flarup. It felt great bringing in these big names to share their expertise and insights with the local design community.

When we are not attending conferences, we enjoy having a daily chance to chat with our users coming from all over the world. The feedback and perspectives they bring are invaluable to our improvement.


Iconfinder’s user distribution

We are excited to see where in the world 2017 is going to bring us. If you have some suggestions for kickass design/development conferences, please share them in the comments.

Offering more of the good stuff

Listening to the needs of our enterprise customers helped us to refine our existing products and to discover new ways of providing icons. We introduced Custom Icon Design and Extended Icon Library. We also kept our developers busy and fine-tuned our API solution.

During the year, we had a pleasure of working with big names such as Marvel, Prezi, Shopify, Lucidchart, and many other great companies.

We have also built a Referral Program, thus giving an opportunity for both designers and users to earn some extra $. Running for less than four months, the program already distributed $1,058 of profit to our first 27 referrers. And this is just a beginning.

Multiple tweaks have been made to our user interface. Examples include navigation system improvements, unlocking the icon price control for contributors, and our new messaging feature. The work on internal messaging will continue in 2017, with plans to create better means for designers to reach out to their buyers and followers.

Top stories on the Iconfinder blog

Throughout the year we continued to encourage an active discussion about icon design, and shared our stories and insights with the readers. In particular, we published 66 articles on the Iconfinder Blog. Below are our top 5 stories from 2016 (click to read).





Growing as a team

Our team has grown much stronger, with 2 new members joining in – designer & developer Emil, and back-end developer Matias.

This year we also enjoyed our new personal avatars crafted by Scott, our Developer & Head of Content, who is also a top class icon designer. He perfectly captured our facial features – in some cases only based on photos, and prior to seeing the person in real life. He also created Halloween versions of the avatars, turning us into zombies, witches and other spooky characters.

Pasted image at 2016_12_21 16_37

Since we grew bigger, we moved to a new beautiful office just next to Copenhagen’s famous Nyhavn. Throughout the year we enjoyed around 430 litres of coffee and tea, and ate at least 40 kilos of watermelon – thanks to our catering company, that really loves putting it into our salads (not that it is a bad thing).

We have been surrounded by romance this year, as 3 (out of 7) Iconfinder employees got engaged, and 2 received – or are about to receive – cute little babies. Congrats, guys!

What a year for Iconfinder team

Besides the aforementioned milestones, we received a number of sweet Thank You letters from our users and contributors. This is something that keeps us advancing, and wouldn’t be achievable without our excellent team: Monica, Scott, Emil, Matias, Morten, Ieva and Martin.

Thanks to all who have been with us these last twelve months. We are looking forward to one more iconic year together with our designer community, our users and our partners. ❤

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