Startups choose simple and efficient custom icon design service


Last month we released a major upgrade to our messaging feature. Now users and designers can effortlessly undergo any custom design order using our simple messaging interface. The updated interface can be used to issue a prepayment request, pay it, send attachments and confirm project delivery. In this post we will look at some of the first custom projects ran using the tool.

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Does the perfect vector editor for iPad exist?

iconfinder_title_image (1)

Nowadays, designers have lots of flexibility when it comes to their work setup. I am an icon designer myself, and I personally find a duet of MacBook Pro with an attached graphic tablet as most convenient setup for my work. However, as many other designers, I often need to work away from my office. In such cases I prefer to go solo with my fully charged laptop. Unfortunately, due to the absence of my graphic tablet, my productivity tends to go drastically low.

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