Upcoming price changes

First off, thank you for being a customer at Iconfinder and help support the icon designers as well as us.

Iconfinder Pro was launched in 2014. Since then we have made numerous improvements to continue to add value for subscribers. Most importantly, we have added an average of 60,000 new Premium icons per month with continually increasing quality from the world’s most talented icon designers. We have kept the prices at $9 for the Starter plan and $29 for the Unlimited plan, while at the same time paying $1,250,000 to the designers. It is time for us to adjust the prices to be able to remain competitive and fairly compensate designers. Continue reading

Can Vectr be used for professional icon design?

In this post we will review Vectr, a free, web-based vector drawing application. Designers tend to have very strong feelings about their tools. Ask any icon designer or illustrator which vector authoring app they prefer and you will probably get a very passionate reply, not just about the product but also about its makers. This passionate view of one’s tools, however, can occasionally cause us to miss a great opportunity to make our lives easier or to miss a diamond-in-the-rough whose future we have an opportunity to help shape. We believe Vectr offers users one such opportunity. Continue reading