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Icon sets in search results

We just launched a new feature that we hope you’ll like. When you do a search on Iconfinder, we now show relevant icon sets along with the individual icons.

When you start using icons from a specific icon set, you often want to keep using icons from that set to maintain a consistent style. To easily do this, being able to quickly search and find an icon set is key. It’s a feature we’ve had requested over and over — this week we finally got around to making it a reality.

However, we know that one of the things, people appreciate the most about Iconfinder, is the fact that search is so distraction free. So, we decided that

  • icon sets shouldn’t take too much of the attention away from the individual icons
  • it should use as little space as possible
  • it should be easy to have a peek inside an icon set without leaving your search

Image 2013.11.06 15-52-25

The solution we have chosen is to have icon sets at the top separated from the icons by a dark background at the top so you’re in no way in doubt of what you’re looking at. There can be a lot of icon sets, so to avoid filling the entire screen with icon sets, we opted to have just one row of icon sets with a nifty little horizontal navigation. Oh, and when you click on an icon set, the icons below get replaced by the icons in the icon set, so you can get a quick overview of what’s in the icon set without leaving the page. Cool, huh?


This new feature is very much a power feature, especially if you know, what you’re looking for. You might like the Picons icon sets – now you can find them all just by typing in ‘Picons‘:

Another use case where icon set search is really helpful is for ‘flags‘.


You can also find the popular Font Awesome, Iconicons or the series of Eldorado icons.

Adding tags to icon sets

The next step will be to add tags to icon sets. Sometimes just searching the name isn’t enough. An icon set can be made specifically for iOS 7, but without having that in it’s name. Therefore adding tags to icon sets and searching through them will be a natural next step for icon set search.

Searching icon designers

We are looking into ways of adding icon designers into the search results as well. You might like Designmodo, Webalys or Iconeden and by searching for their names, we should present them in the search results, so you can quickly get to their icons.

Help us improve search results

If you have any feedback for us on these new features, please let us know in the comments below or send an email to

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