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Hire the world’s best icon designers for your next custom icon design

Starting this month, we are introducing a new service available on, allowing you to order customized icons tailor-made by some of the most skilful icon designers in our network. All the custom icon designers have been handpicked by us and you can choose who to create your next icon design with.

We have built this feature in order to serve the users who need icons, that both comply with their special project requirements, and can be provided with the copyright ownership if requested.

Why order custom designed icons?

  • Sometimes you want unique and high-quality icons and you just can’t find them among the stock icons.
  • Using the service from Iconfinder you get instant access to the top-tier of icon designers from around the world.
  • You will only be in contact with Iconfinder who will guide you through the process.
  • You will have lower risk if a designer for some reason is not able to finish the production of the custom icons, a range of professional icon designers can step in, so you won’t miss your deadline.
  • The payment for the icons will happen to Iconfinder while the icons are being produced. When you are satisfied, the designer is then paid. If you are not satisfied we will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

The Process

The custom icon design process is simple and follows four major steps.

step 1

You upload a design brief, stating the topic, specifications, number and other requirements for customized icons.


step 2


During the next 24 hours, designers, who are interested in the project, submit their offers; you select the preferred one, based on the offer and examples of previous work.


step 3


Designer works on the project, providing you examples of the work to approve the direction.


step 4


Designer delivers the custom icons on or before the agreed upon deadline.


To make sure that the process is smooth, the deadlines are met and the end-result meets clients’ expectations, the progress of the project will be guided by an assigned project manager from Iconfinder.


It is truly rewarding to see that our custom icon design feature has been well-received by both the customers and the icon designers. Here is what they are saying about it:

I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 15 years and can’t think of any other product than Iconfinder, that have been making my everyday work so much easier. I’ve just tried their custom icons feature for the first time and saying that I’m impressed is an understatement. I wrote a simple brief and after just 3 days I received 8 beautiful icons with no changes needed what so ever. And the price was very fair.

– Kasper Odegaard, the very first client to order the custom icon design.

I believe ordering customized icons through Iconfinder helps agencies save time, while also keeping us confident that the end-result matches the initial expectations. Because of the standardized procedure, the designer briefing is clear and not time-consuming, allowing us and our internal creative resource to focus on something else.

– Steffen Norgaard Andersen, Senior Art Director at Magnetix A/S.



As every client brand has a unique visual identity, it’s just the same with the icons. They give the content it’s real distinction and character. However, sometimes stock icons have just too generic style, because they are made to attract a wider audience. Custom icons, on the other hand, are made in a tight process with the client. Iconfinder now offers a simple and safe way for clients to get custom icons they’ll love.

– Gasper Vidovic from, one of the icon design studios in Iconfinder’s network.

Opportunity to get the requests for custom icon designs through Iconfinder ensures that the collaborative process between the customer and the designer follows professional standards, is more transparent and makes me feel more secure about new interesting projects.

– Laura Reen, one of the most skillful freelance designer in Iconfinder’s network.



You can order custom icon design using this link. Feel free to contact Iconfinder if you have any questions or feedback about this feature at


Get in touch with us if you are an icon designer interested in joining Iconfinder’s custom icon design projects. Send your portfolio to


If you are an overbooked icon designer, who continues receiving new requests, we offer you a chance to reject projects you cannot do and still earn money. Forward or CC in an email with information about the icon design project you unfortunately have to reject together with your bank account or PayPal details. If the customer chooses to hire one of our icon designers you will earn 10% of that entire order.

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