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Earn Money by Inviting Your Friends to Iconfinder

Helping your friends find the right icons has never been more rewarding.

Starting today, all of our registered users can earn money by inviting their friends to use Iconfinder marketplace. If you enjoy using Iconfinder, this is the best time to invite others while also earning some extra money. Besides gaining access to more than 1,100,000 icons, your invited friends will also get a special offer for their first subscription or cash deposit.

How much will you and your friend earn?

Your and your friend’s rewards will directly depend on his or hers first monetary interaction on Iconfinder.

  • If the first amount your friend spends on Iconfinder is used to buy an Iconfinder Pro subscription, you get 50% of the subscription price. Your friend gets 50% discount for the first month of the subscription.

    For example, your referred friend creates an account and buys Iconfinder Pro Unlimited subscription for a year, which normally costs $290. You then get $145 to your Iconfinder account. Moreover, your friend gets 50% off the first month of subscription, so he/she actually pays $277.92 instead of $290.

  • If your referred friend starts using Iconfinder by simply depositing cash to his or hers account, you receive 25% of what he or she deposits. Moreover, your friend gets a 25% bonus from the initial amount.

    For example, your referred friend creates an Iconfinder account and deposits $100 for on-site purchases. You then get $25 to your Iconfinder account. Moreover, your friend gets $25 bonus, so his actual balance is $125 instead of the deposited $100.

Use the money the way you want

The earned money can be spent on icons, Iconfinder Pro subscription or cashed out. The cashout rules stay the same – you should have at least $100 in your account in order to be eligible for a cashout.

It takes nothing to invite friends

Simply share a link to Iconfinder with ?ref= and your username added at the end:

Note that if you want to link to a subpage you should use &ref=username if there is more than one parameter:

If you don’t remember your Iconfinder username, you can find it in the top of your Account settings page or head over to the Referrals page and copy the correct URL.


What is great, is that you can share ANY Iconfinder URL you want. If you are one of the Iconfinder contributors, you can promote your own work, while also getting money for that (sweet, right?). Simply share a link to your profile on Iconfinder or to specific icon set, adding your username at the end, as previously showed.

If you have any further questions or doubts check out our referral program FAQs or send us a message at

Please note that the rates for the referral program might change in the future.

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