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Weekly Design Inspiration: Week #50

Some tool icons by Jackw

This moment by Hachi

Merry Christmas by Artua

Shopping icons by Dmitriy Mir

interface design by bill_uid

Zen by Patswerk

Printshop icons 1/4 by Darius Dan

Socks 3/24 by Benjamin Bely

Paper work icon set vol.2 by Joanna Ławniczak

Retro_Save the Floppy Disk by Isaac

ICON X6-blue by UG84

Citibank Spot Animations – Coffee by Valentin Kirilov

Lab by MBE

unigrid vehicles

Unigrid Bluetone Vehicles vol.4 by Icojam

Stationary Set Again by Vijay Verma

Onboarding for ecommerce application by Sasha Gorosh

Merry Christmas by Round Icons

More Bike Stuff! by Scott Biersack

Best Icons of the Month! by Justas Galaburda

animation icons by Hyuk-in Kim

Literature Quiz UI by Roxana C.

Christmas Icons by Becris

Planning Widget Set by Roxana C.

toothpaste by Rwds

Franchise Business by Becris

Adventure icons by Sergey Ershov

17-20/100 by Salted Fish

Owl Sign Options by Loggia

Road Trip by Gilles Desmadrille

Have some cool examples of your work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Shoot us an email to ✌️

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