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Weekly Design Inspiration: Week #47

Arty Farty Icons by Brook Wells

Spacey Cup-a-Joe by Elliot Belchatovski

Onboarding Travel App by Balaji Govind

Sensay Morph by Valentin Kirilov

Landing Page For Scorebeyond (w.i.p) by Murat Gursoy

Party icons by Sergey Ershov

Empty State For Exchanging Number Apps by Sebo

xomo: few basic icons for FREE by Laura Reen

Unicorn by MBE

Christmas Icons by Igor Verizub

Add event icons for illustrations by Prakhar Neel Sharma

So Itchy! by Qais Sarhan

Landing page by Sylwia

Isometric Style design 02 by sansan

Prudential – 1 Percent More – Yoga Classes by Chris Phillips

Sumli Character by spovv

Tourism City by bill_ux

Californication Bus by Denys Boldyriev

Rocket Animation by T U B I K

If only I could skate & draw at the same time by Jemma Eagleson

RED ZEPPELIN by Alexander Kunchevsky

Help And Support outline Icons by Igor Varёnov


Weirdling #1 by Latham Arnott

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