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Weekly Design Inspiration: Week #46

Christmas is coming. You could tell that by the holiday designs slowly finding their way in to our weekly inspiration collection. Enjoy!

Almost Winter by Elliot Belchatovski

Social marketing icons by Sooodesign

Space Program by Avian Rizky

VR Line icons by Artur Stotch

Clients = Partners by Unity

From Slack to Act by Daniel Haire

Christmas Icons by Simonas Mačiulis

EasyPro Concept Homepage by Kate Holubtsova

Water Balloon (Slow Motion) by Gal Shir

More Construction by Darius Dan

Daily UI #day40 by luking

Drones – Landing page by ranganath krishnamani

Lizzie and George – Rampage // Back To Bits by Oliver Sin

Christmas Icons by Igor Varёnov

JianCheng blank page design by 米兰的小果酱

Suitcase icon by Sergey Ershov

Bunnies! by Mario Jacome for KlientBoost

Notification status by KDesigns

Minimalistic Transportation Icon by Sergey Ershov

Sidekicks by Ricky Linn

Christmas Icons#2 by Igor Varёnov

Here is how simple it is… by James McDonald

Illustrations by Dmitri Litvinov

Xmas icons for Advent Calendar – coming soon!! by Laura Reen

Ping Pong by Feitosa Motion Designer

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