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Weekly Design Inspiration: Week #43

Halloween characters by Becris

Default page design by luking

Line Icons by Gregor Črešnar

Flat Landing Page by Andrei Dulcu

LOGAN!!!!! by Michael B. Myers Jr.

Few of my friends by Scott Tusk

Idea Icons by Pavel Kozlov

Jack O’Lantern, Jr. by Scott Lewis

October Calendar UI by Dolichocephalist

Smart Home Apps Landing Page by Ibnu Mas’ud

SP Cine – Skate by Moxo

Pump by Noon

Pull to Refresh – Multiple Cards by Saptarshi Prakash

Cute Robots and Animals avatars by Aleksandar Savic

Play 4.0 by Ranjith Alingal

Rooster by Sergey Kovalenko

halloween set

Halloween by Chameleon Design

Ghostly Wink by Elliot Belchatovski


American Capital Landmarks by Jozsef Balazs-Hegedus

autumn set

Autumn by Dmitry Mirolyubov


Halloween – Essentials by Vectto

Laughing my Head Off by Matt Dunne

Inventory Management Apps Tutorial 2 by Ibnu Mas’ud

Rotoscoping exercise #01by Tomasz Czajka

Mobile features ; Smartphone Technology by LINECTOR

The Broken Legs by Eran Mendel

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