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Weekly Design Inspiration: Week #17

On Mondays we get inspired!
We are very excited to start a new series of weekly design inspiration posts, containing icons, UI examples and some illustrations and animations to spice things up.

Enjoy this first collection and stay tuned for more inspirational Mondays. And, of course, have a bright and productive week!

Cafe Coupon App by Dima Panchenko for Tubik Studio

From a Gallery Far Far Away by Meg Robichaud

Surf Wagen by Tyler Mays

Cheers Beeeeer by Sunny Wang

Polar Bear by André Gonçalves

Race Select by weirdsgn studio

Start Icon by baiheng

Tutorial Screens by Igor Bertolino

Video Phone illustration by Zivile Zickute

EV by Dea_n

Badges by Sal for Tarful

Stormwind by Benjamin Bely

Apps Icons by Fireart Studio

Toucan by Grant Fisher

The Kitchen Icons 50 by last spark

Water and Wind by R A D I O

Udacity Drone by Kyle McDowell for Udacity

House and cats by mully meng

Cyber security by Igor Varёnov

Success / Error Flash Message by Riccardo Cavallo

Rocket Aniamation by Faruk Aslan

Flatline Icons by Gregor Črešnar

Jungle cat by Emily Miller

Sugary Pattern by Tal

Trading cards by Andy Ziko

Pizza flash by Brandon Land

Main screen (coffee app) by Cuberto

Icons set by Bling Nguyen

Power-ups by Andra Popovici

Red Dude – HTML/CSS Animation test by Jake Fleming

Bird Park by Ryan Prudhomme

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