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Weekly Design Inspiration #80

King by Denis Davydov

Icons by Artur Stotch

Koala Sleeping by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Convertible by James Neilson

Adventure awaits by Sean Kerry

Satellite by Isaac

For The Love of Simple as Milk by Vic

SBS Transit Bus by Pixelwolfie

Caveman by Razvan Vezeteu

Onboarding For Solitaire Game by Alok Mittal

And you can’t live without them by Panic

Isometric Icons by Pixelbuddha

Freedom and Fries by Sidecar

Curious by Alexey Kuvaldin

Icon Set by Andy Kurochkin

Veterinary by Marta Konyk

Stepped in it by Chris Phillips

Forgot Password by Berin Catic

Brandbook by Johny vino

Silly robots No.45 by Chris Lloyd

Linear Illustrations by Willie

Scaler Man Loop by Feitosa Motion Designer

Footwear by Chanut is Industries

Popsicle sticker by Elliot Belchatovski

Maps and navigation by Marta Konyk

Gobup Red Social – Header by Ibnu Mas’ud

travel and destinations

Travel and Destinations by Roundicons

Spongebob Lit by R A D I O

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