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Weekly Design Inspiration #78

First Love by Vic

Mono Weather by David TJ Powell

Webby Icons by Pavel Kozlov

Chicken S**t by Chris Phillips

Magic Passport App Icon by Louie Mantia

iTunes by Sandor

POP Icons by Jordan Jenkins

Smart Home Icons by Sooodesign

Toronto by Aleksandar Savic

Retail Icons by Vy Tat

Cannon Carrot by Rwds

neg cat 3 by George Bokhua

I’ll float with you by SorenWorks

Development by Marta Konyk

Bergamotte by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Family Holiday Icons by Brook Wells

Patreon Rebrand / 002 by Vucko

Modern teenage riot by Joanna Ławniczak

Handy Vol. 9 by Gregor Cresnar

Ducky run & walk – AEP file by Tony Babel

Mars Rover by Alex Kunchevsky

Ground Forces Icon for the Dutch Government by Dutchicon

Building by Rwds

Secret WIP by Awesomed

Wolfy by Daniel Bodea

Bistro and Restaurant Icons by WAYWO

Have some cool examples of your design work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Send us an email to ✌️

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