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Weekly Design Inspiration #69

Friends by justina lei

Facebook Emoji Redesign by Zach Roszczewski

Print Icons by Sooodesign

Egg by MBE

Findaguru Landing Page by Ibnu Mas’ud

Bookshelf by Alexander Kunchevsky

Hipster Color Set by Oksana Latysheva

Hippopotamus by Agris Bobrovs

Icons For Updato part 2 (Unused element part 18) by Prakhar Neel Sharma

Healthcare Spot Illustrations by Matt Anderson

Web Design by Alexander Kunchevsky

Rollers icon by Evgeniy Artsebasov

Sea Lion – Earth Day by Yup Nguyen

Plants are friends by Vy Tat

Tokyo Gifathon Day 18 by James Curran

CenterHelper: Header illustration by Laura Reen

Gardening Icons by Sooodesign

Budicon Animal – Outline by Buditanrim

CSS Icons by Matt Anderson

Tokyo Gifathon Day 20 by James Curran

CenterHelper: Tiered Pricing by Laura Reen

Heater by shuishouge

The Lost Treasure by Kyle Adams

Gazelle by Pixelwolfie

Kingdom Come by Paulius

In-Store Selector by Ty Dale

Findaguru Header by Ibnu Mas’ud

Snowy Cyclist by Tleubaev

Kitchen Icons P.1 by Vy Tat

Carls Jnr Chicken Tenders by Chris Phillips

Have some cool examples of your design work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Send us an email to ✌️

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