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Weekly Design Inspiration #62

Gadgets Pattern by Yegor Shustov

eCommerce Illustration by Andrew McKay

Guide Page by feiii

roundicons animals

Animals by Roundicons

Pick a monster by Aleksandar Savic

Isometric Icons by Leon Ephraim

Collegebom by Alexandra Ivanchenko

Real Estate Icons by Becris

Accountant Character by Darius Dan

SaaS Development Cover by Maciej Kotula

Services by Igor Kozak

Onboarding by Vladimir Tauberk

Gadget News by Yegor Shustov

money and currencies by alpar

Money & Currencies by Alpár-Etele Méder

Long way home by Tomas Brunsdon

cooking by juraj sedlak

Cooking by Juraj Sedlák

Running On Empty by Eran Mendel

essentials by teleymon

Essentials part1 by teleymon

Towerfall 2 by Benjamin Bely

Furniture Icons by Andrew Rosek

Loading Icon by Chloe Jackson

Business by Alpár-Etele Méder

Icon Set by Dawid Sobecki

Onion Math Topic-Icons by Fengquan Li

Onboarding animation by Zhenya & Artem


Bots by Ricardo Cherem

Have some cool examples of your design work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Send us an email to ✌️

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