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Weekly Design Inspiration #58

Just Avatars by Laura Reen

Car Sharing App Concept by Vlad Shagov

cofee shop

Coffee shop by Juraj Sedlak

Innova by Artyom Khamitov

Amazon Prime by R A D I O

Stay in touch illustration by Dmitriy Mir

Nature by Berin Catic

Chefstalk Home Page by Rahul

Add your Pet l Tale 2.0 by Ranjith Alingal

US states by Yegor Shustov

DAILY UI 003 by kaokao

Swimmingpool by Ty Dale™

InstEat App Landing Page by Moinul Ahsan

Onboarding Animation for Social Networking App by Cleveroad

Happy Avatars by Tony Babel

Aliens exist by Alexander Kunchevsky

food and kitchen

App / Food Drink Minimal by KOKOTA

Cat Pattern Colored by Iconka

Clues by Ty Dale™

Accommodation 006/100 by Catherine Wang

iMac now vs then by Eddie Lobanovskiy

love and valentine

Love and Valentine by Roundicons

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