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Weekly Design Inspiration #56

Meals by Yasar T A

Smart home Icon by shuishouge


Kitchen & food by Dmitriy Shirinkin

Unicorn by Aslan A.

Office Tool Icons by Pöcike

Sports Icon by Evgeniy Artsebasov

Eat your veggies by Kevin Yang

Astro Helmet by Elliot Belchatovski

app shop bold

App / Shop Bold Line by KOKOTA

Planet by Zahidul Islam

We’ll write a blog post for you by Aleksandar Savic

We’ll manage your social media by Aleksandar Savic

iMac Story by Matthew Jedrzejewski

Supreme VPN: Homepage by Naresh Kumar

Optimizing The Internet of Things by Dima Badawi

Off-Road by BERG

Contact by Deepak Bandi

Tinycards Splash by Gregory Hartman

eTicket Freebies by Ranjith Alingal

LMS icons pt.2 by Denis Rodchenko

Business Situations Flat Icons by Becris

Appstronaut Marks by Jord Riekwel

Happy Milk by Vic Bell

Onboarding by Gaurav Singh

Record And Share Travels Landing Page by Ibnu Mas’ud

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