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Weekly Design Inspiration #55


Space Color by Becris

Save Tax – Landing page by ranganath krishnamani

Pull to Refresh_Scenes App by Yup Nguyen


Spring by Dmitry Mirolyubov

Test Icons for by Prakhar Neel Sharma


Business and Finance Sticker-set 1 by popcornarts

Icon Style V1 by Pavel Kozlov

Walkthrough 2.0 by Ranjith Alingal

theme icons by Rwds

Ms. Pac-Man by Louie Mantia

Love and Wedding icons by Dmitry Mirolyubov

Pew Pew Pew! by Chris Fernandez

Animation Video Website by Ibnu Mas’ud

Meteor by MBE


Education icons by Paul Simpson

health app 03 by Rwds

Paxira – Achievement Badges pt.1 by Vy Tat

Gameboy Icon by Pöcike

SEO Free Icons by inipagi studio

Gradient Icons by Pavel Kozlov

App landing (wip) by Benjamin Bely

Beach Travel Icons by Hannah Milan

Crab by Pedro Alpera

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