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Updated designer profiles

We have updated the designer profiles. Many icon designers now have thousands of icons in hundreds of icon sets, so finding the right icon from your favorite icon designer can be difficult. We’ve added a couple of features that will help you: search and collections.

Icon designer search

We have added the ability to search for icons for a single designer. You often end up with a few designers who are producing icons you really like and fits your project. The icons, however, are often spread out over multiple icon sets.

Now you can simply add “designer:webalys” to the search field to only get results from that specific designer – in this case “Webalys“. Of course it can be difficult to remember the name of the designer, so you can also do a search from the icon designer’s profile page instead.


On the icon designer profile page you’ll find a new search field. If you use that search field you will limit the scope of the search to icons made by that specific designer e.g:

Browse by collection

Collections are a way for icon designers to group their icon sets.  This makes it much easier to find multiple icon sets, that you like and will fit together stylistically.


Request custom designed icons

Members of Iconfinder Pro now have the option of contacting individual icon designer personally. If you are missing a few icons or want a designer to work on set of custom icons for your project, you can now contact them directly using the new “Send message” button. You find the button on the icon designers profile page and at the bottom of the icon set pages.


Using the tool sends a message to the icon designer, who then receives your message and can reply to your inquiry at you email address.

Be default all icon designer profile pages will have the contact button, but icon designers can choose not to receive private message in their account: Account > Edit profile > Uncheck “Allow users to send me a private message”

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