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Upcoming price changes

First off, thank you for being a customer at Iconfinder and help support the icon designers as well as us.

Iconfinder Pro was launched in 2014. Since then we have made numerous improvements to continue to add value for subscribers. Most importantly, we have added an average of 60,000 new Premium icons per month with continually increasing quality from the world’s most talented icon designers. We have kept the prices at $9 for the Starter plan and $29 for the Unlimited plan, while at the same time paying $1,250,000 to the designers. It is time for us to adjust the prices to be able to remain competitive and fairly compensate designers.

What’s changing?

The prices of the two plans will be $19 for Starter and $49 for Unlimited per month. The Starter plan will now have twice as many downloads – 50 instead of 25. And subscribers of Unlimited will now have the option to download full sets in ZIP or IconJar format.

Starter plan
Price $9 $19
Downloads 25 50
Price $29 $49
Downloads Unlimited Unlimited
One-click icon set download N/A ZIP and IconJar format.

Existing subscribers can continue on the current prices by switching to annual billing before September 1st, 2017. To do this go to your account and the page for your Pro subscription: You will find a check box that activates Annual billing. Confirm the change and you are set.

shift to annual billing

What’s not changing?

The prices for buying icons with the pay-as-you-go model have not been changed. So if Pro is not for you, you have this option.

If you are not comfortable with the price change, please let us know.

Thanks, Iconfinders!

Much love from the Iconfinder team,
Monica, Ieva, Matias, Emil, Scott, Scott, Isabel and Martin


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    • I agree 100%!

      Iconfinder has become my first place to look for icons I need in my web projects. When they first introduced the pro plan I thought that was a great move. However, I always often wondered how they would keep up payments to the icon designers for such a low price!

      I feel $49/m for unlimited icons is still a steal. I just hope other users understand why they choose to switch to this path. Iconfinder must be able to make a profit itself to be sustainable in running.

      Regardless, they have my support 🙂