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Video from Future Of Web Design conference in New York


What is the future of web design? To find out, we went to New York and sponsored the conference with that exact title and of course brought our video crew and lots of swag. During the two days of listening and learning, we got some great insights from some awesome designers.

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Meeting up with designers

Why we chose to sponsor a big design conference is pretty simple. We wanted to get out there and meet the people that we work for. Web designers make up around 90 % of Iconfinder’s users and customers, and we simply love meeting with and getting feedback from designers.


“You look at icons and you think that it’s just a few simple lines – but there’e so much work, that goes in to creating a good icon” — Phil Back, GE Appliances

The other and slightly more commercial reason we were at Future Of Web Design is obviously to promote Iconfinder to the design community. We brought almost 300 free t-shirts and stacks of robot stickers and gift cards. And just like on our trip to SmartWeb Conf the swag went pretty quickly. Throughout the conference our humble stand, which mostly consisted of a table with a mountain of colourful shirts, attracted crowds of attendees who were anywhere from passionate icons designers to just getting to know Iconfinder.

Great talks both tech and inspirational

Going to a design conference always leaves you with something. You almost never attend a conference and take away nothing. The difference between conferences is mostly what learnings and inspiration to get, not how many.


“Visual trends can come and go – what’s difficult is to make a lasting impression” – Christina DiMeo

This year’s Future Of Web Design really had some excellent inspirational speakers, among whom was Jon Setzen from MediaTemple and designer/artist Brendan Dawes. Brendan gave a fantastic talk about the intersection between design and art, while Jon Setzen gave a great talk on how to make storytelling a part of your work as a web designer.

The Future Of Web Design – The video

As part of getting to know the people at Future Of Web Design, we did a series of interviews with some of the great attendees and speakers we met during the conference. We asked people questions ranging from “What advice would you give to your self, starting out in design” to “What is the future of web design”. The responses we got were both interesting and surprising.

All in all we had a great time meeting fellow designers. Thanks to all the speakers, attendees and the people at Futureinsights for making it a great event.

The New York Team - (from left) Nick, Martin, Jess and Jens

The New York Team – (from left) Nick, Martin, Jess and Jens

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