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Pro tip: Speed up your icon search using Alfred

If you are one of the many Iconfinder power users, pay attention now. This pro tip will save you valuable seconds in your busy day.

Every second counts in your busy work day. One of the many productivity tools out there is Alfred. Alfred is like your built in Spotlight desktop search, just much more powerful.

At Iconfinder we absolutely love Alfred, especially because one of the things you can do with Alfred is search websites from your desktop.

This how you setup Alfred to search for icons on Iconfinder, straight from your desktop.



Installing Alfred

If you already have Alfred installed, you can just skip this part. If not, prepare to have your mind slightly blown.

Alfred is a search and automation tool for Mac OS X. It’s very easy to get started with and can be immensely powerful, when you really get into using it.

Download Alfred here, for free:

Setting up the search

Once installed, go into Features -> Web Search and click “Add Custom Search”


As shown in the screenshot above, you need to setup a couple of things.

Search URL:{query}

Title: Iconfinder

Keyword: icon (can be any word you want)

Adding the Iconfinder icon

As a final touch, you should add a nice Iconfinder logo to your search.

Just go to, pick the logo you want, and drag ‘n drop it in Alfred.


After you have added the icon, you are good to go. Click “Save” and you can start searching.

How it works

Once set up, you search for icons with a combination of your Alfred shortcut and your chosen keyword.

I have my Alfred setup with “alt + space” as my trigger, which opens the Alfred search window on top of all active windows, and I used “icon” as my keyword as shown above.

So now icons can be found even faster by just hitting the trigger combination and typing like this:


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  1. I’m a Chrome user, and after visiting a website a couple of times, Chrome itself notices that there’s a main search field in the website’s homepage. So, all I have to do, is start typing “iconfinder” on the omnibox (it’s usually just ‘i’ in my case), and press Tab. Then, anything I type will be searched directly in Iconfinder!

    Note. This works for every website, for example, I search this way though Grooveshark, Google Translate, YouTube (be careful with YouTube, it’s not working fine lately)

    Anyway, that’s my time-saver!

    Iconfinder Rocks!

    • Yes the built in feature in Chrome is really smart. I use this because 1. I primarily use Safari as my browser, and 2. you have access whatever you’re doing. So if I am using Sketch to design something, I have easy access to Iconfinder.

      Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Thanks for the fantastic tip!
    I took it a step further and added “&style=glyph” to the end of my search URL in Alfred to filter my results to my preferred style.