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How to nail your prezi using icons from Iconfinder

We at Iconfinder really like Prezi due to its out of the box approach to presentations. Not so long ago we gave away 2 premium icon sets to Prezi Business users to help them spice up their next prezi. In this post we will give you some short tips on getting most out of the Prezi & Iconfinder combo.

In its interface, Prezi offers an array of symbols and stickers that help users visualize certain concepts of their presentation. However, the collection hardly covers all possible elements that a user might want to depict. Not to speak about maintaining a consistent style and color scheme across the whole prezi. For all these purposes and beyond, Iconfinder could be your best friend.

How to find a perfect icon for your prezi on Iconfinder

To illustrate the process of looking for icon(s) on Iconfinder, let’s start with a concrete example. Let’s say you are preparing a presentation where you are going to describe your company using Business Model Canvas framework. In your Customer Relationships section of Business Model Canvas you want to visually display that you will be sending goodie bags to your most-spending customers. Here is how you can find the best icon for that:

  1. Type in “goodie bag” (or anything else you are looking for) in Iconfinder’s search box
  2. To get the most unique (and often best quality) icons, choose the “Premium” filter
  3. You can also select a preferred style using the filters in the above panel, such as “Filled outline”
  4. Choose your favorite

Here is how this looks on your screen:

It takes just a couple of seconds! (Unless you have a hard time choosing your favorite among the massive amount of options 😉 ).

Discover some useful icon sets on Iconfinder

To keep your prezi consistent, it is advisable to use the icons from within the same icon set (or couple of sets made in the same style by the same designer). One way to discover a nice set is to find an icon you like and then click “View all icons in icon set” to see what else is out there and whether you can apply the rest of the set.

Another way is to start your search by checking out our pre-defined categories. Here is how:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of Iconfinder home page and you will find a list of different categories
  2. Click “Business and Finance” (or any other preferred category) and you will see the previews of different sets in that category
  3. You can further filter the sets by whether they are free or premium, and sort by “latest” or “popular”
  4. Pick your favorite set

Downloading the right format and size for Prezi

In order to download both free and premium icons in no time, we suggest you to first create an Iconfinder account (if you don’t have one yet) and deposit cash or sign up to one of our Pro subscriptions.

As soon as you deposit cash or sign up to a plan, you can download your selected icon on Iconfinder by simply clicking on your preferred format.

While there are many different file formats to choose from, you should aim for PNG if you want to use the icon for Prezi. Also, choose the largest icon size available in order to retain as much sharpness as possible when you zoom-in in prezi. That is usually 512 x 512. Select that in the panel above the icon, before clicking the PNG button to start the download.

The video below shows the downloading process, when the user is subscribed to Iconfinder Pro Unlimited.

How to insert an icon into Prezi

Inserting your icon into Prezi is as simple as it gets. The process is the same as for inserting any other image:

  1. In your prezi, click the “Insert” button in the top panel, and then “Image…”
  2. Select the icon file from your computer (Iconfinder downloads automatically to the “Downloads” folder). You can upload multiple icons at any time by simply selecting more than one file by holding the CONTROL (SHIFT or CMD for Macs) key when selecting your files.

You can now move, resize and rotate your inserted icon. Click on it, hover your cursor over one of the four corners until the cursor turns to arrow, then click it and move it the way you prefer.

How to recolor icons

You can apply minimal changes of the shade of your icon directly in Prezi. When you insert the file, simply click on “Effects” to open a photo editor and then on “Effects” again to reveal some shading options. If you simply need to turn the icon to B&W this should be satisfactory.

However, for any other kind of color change, it is best to do it in tools like Photoshop or Sketch before inserting the icon to your prezi. You can find out how to recolor icons using these tools in our earlier blog post.

How to fade-in icons

Sometimes you don’t want all of your graphics to be visible straight away as this could make your prezi look clogged. Same as for the other content in your prezi, you can use fade-in animation for your icon(s). Prezi has a nice tutorial on how to do that.

This is it. You are now ready to make a really iconic prezi!

You can also check out a public reusable prezi we created for this tutorial. It goes through the elements of Business Model Canvas and features beautiful Business & Shopping icon set by Marius Catalin Mihut.

If you have any other questions about using icons for Prezi, feel free to ping us at

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