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Introducing new messaging on Iconfinder

Today we launched a little feature that will make it easier to get in touch with icon designers. Instead of digging around for emails, you can now send a message to designer by just clicking “Message” to tell them that you love their icons or perhaps hire them for the project you are working on.

You’ll find the button next to designers’ names around the site. A few designers choose not to have this option, so sometimes it won’t be visible. The majority of designers are very approachable and don’t mind you writing them.

The interface for messaging can be found by clicking the little envelope icon in the black top bar. Once you send and receive messages it will look like an inbox that you know from any email app.

listNew messages and their replies will be displayed like a thread.


Whenever you send or receive a message, an email notification will be sent. So don’t worry about missing a message, we’ll make sure to notify you.

We hope you like this little new addition to Iconfinder.

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