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Meet the team – Silviu

This week on the Iconfinder Blog we introduce you to our new intern, Silviu Tantos. Silviu comes from Târgu Mures which is located in the region of Transylvania in Romania, he is an ICT Engineering student at VIA University in Horsens and has been with us since September.

Hi Silviu,
Your favourite thing about being in Copenhagen right now?

In a word, events. I love the fact that Copenhagen, being the heart of everything, always has a nice variety of upcoming concerts, shows and events. I get to see a lot of my favorite bands playing here but also bands that I didn’t know before that I’ve enjoyed very much.
Other than that I haven’t really got a chance to visit and explore Copenhagen as much as I would have like, perhaps this weekend. One of the cool places that I wanted to visit for a while is Labitat, a hackers space.

What has been the best experience of living in Denmark so far?

I’m still pleasantly surprised by how helpful and trusting people are

I’m still pleasantly surprised by how helpful and trusting people are sometimes. I got my backpack stollen in my first week in Copenhagen (if you want to, you can read a short story about it) and somebody that I didn’t know at all offered me help even thought they had no obligation to do so.

Tell us something the team at Iconfinder don’t know about you?

I used work as a traveling salesman (door-to-door seller) for a brief time, but don’t tell the boss that! I don’t want them to get any ideas and end up selling icons door-to-door.

working_shoesWho has the worst dress style in the office?

I won’t name anybody, but most probably it’s the technical guys (big surprise). We’re two in total and one of them is me.

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at Iconfinder?
Free coffee, no wait, I can’t say that.Having an awesome team that I can learn a lot from, each one of them being really good at what they do, and also the opportunity to get hands-on and code a lot.

If you could choose anyone in the world to be your mentor who would it be?

Steve Wozniak, I think he’s one of those guys that defines the word hacker and the hacker spirit and mentality. If you’re in any doubt check out this video:

What’s your favourite album right now?

Can’t really say that I have just one favorite album but I have been listening to The Antlers – Hospice and Subcarpati – Culese din cartier (a Romanian band) a lot lately.

hospice culesedcartier1

What technologies in 2014 are you most looking forward to and why?

I want my damn hoverboard already, do I really have to explain why?

Do you have a nickname?

Long time ago, when IRC was the most popular ‘social network’, wanting to join a network and being frustrated that every possible combination of silviu was already taken and registered I hit a bunch of random keys and razius came out. I use it on everything now.

What place in the world would you most like to visit?

Right now, with the danish autumn weather, somewhere warm and sunny.

cafe-latteIf you were CEO of Iconfinder for one day what would be the first thing you did?

Apart from giving myself a raise? Hire somebody to make a better coffee than me in the morning.

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