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Introducing the Iconfinder API version 2.0

Today we are introducing a major update to the Iconfinder API. Completely rewritten from scratch, the Iconfinder API version 2.0 is the perfect foundation for the next generation of design tools and partnerships.

Build the tools you want

Built as a standard RESTful JSON API, the Iconfinder API version 2.0 provides access to almost all of the features found on the Iconfinder website. This means, that you and your users can sign in using OAuth 2.0, access both free and purchased icons, search for and filter new icons, and of course download icons in the formats you need.

In other words, it’s the perfect foundation for building cool tools like plugins, asset management tools and desktop apps using the power of Iconfinder. We of course have some really cool stuff cooking ourselves, which leverages the power of the API 2.0 to make Iconfinder a natural part of your design workflow and make you design faster and better, but the API isn’t just for us. We can’t wait to see, what you’ll build with Iconfinder!

Getting started

No good API is complete without proper documentation. So, we made a brand new developer site with detailed documentation, examples and API wrapper libraries for PHP, Node, jQuery, Ruby and Python just around the corner.


Head to to learn more about what the new API offers, and to get started right away.

A new platform for integrating Iconfinder into your software

Besides design and workflow tools, the new Iconfinder API 2.0 is also built to be a rich resource for partners wanting to integrate Iconfinder into their software.

Inspired by the great uses we’ve seen of the previous version of our API, making it easy to add icon search to partner software was the absolute top priority, when we set out to design version 2.0 of the API. Therefore, the new API lets partners access the entire Iconfinder database while applying smart filters to deliver only the most relevant results, no matter if you’re looking for icons or icon sets. Just like on, filters include styles, licenses and formats.

With a host of partners already relying on Iconfinder to give their users easy access to icons, the introduction of the Iconfinder API 2.0 also comes with a huge investment in making sure that the API provides a fast and reliable foundation for all its users.

“Partners rely on us. Delivering fast and relevant search results, every time, is a must.” — Nick Bruun, CTO

Iconfinder Chrome Extension

In the meantime, we have cooked up this little example to show you just how easy it is to work the new API. The Chrome Extension lets you integrate Iconfinder into all new tabs, giving easy access to searching the site without first having to go to Neat, huh? You can get the source code for the extension on Github. Use it to create your own Chrome extensions or improve the official Iconfinder Chrome extension – we accept pull requests.

Image 2014-05-13 at 11.38.32 am

Example: Lucidchart

One of our longest running partners to use Iconfinder in their software is Lucidchart. Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool built with modern web technologies that rivals desktop competitors like OmniGraffle and Microsoft Visio. With a large selection of pre-made shapes and stencils, Lucidchart makes it easy to create org. charts, flow charts and UI-mockups.

“Over the last few years, countless team leaders have praised our image search as a time-saving convenience for their organizations. With the help of Iconfinder’s API, millions of Lucidchart users can type a single keyword to access dozens, if not hundreds, of relevant images. And all of this is accomplished without leaving the document! We’ve found Iconfinder to be a wonderful addition to our in-editor search experience.” — Dave Grow, VP of Product and Strategy, Lucidchart 

Image 2014-05-13 at 11.45.55 am

Example: Folderorganizer

With millions of downloads, Folder organizer is one of the most popular Android apps. It lets you change the icon for apps and folders. The icons are pulled from the Iconfinder API.
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Example: Realtimeboard

A new interesting tool, which recently gave their users access to icon search, is Realtimeboard – a minimalist diagramming tool that runs in your browser and lets you create simple diagrams in no time.


We hope you’ll like the new possibilities with the API. Please let us know if you use it – we’ll love to feature you on this blog.

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    • Hi David
      your app is really cool …
      I want to use same functionality in my windows store app in which user can search and use this icons
      please can you send me code bits you used to access this functionality etc please.

      I will be very thankfull to you

  1. Iconfinder is our #1 site when looking for icon for our new features. Didn’t know you guys built this great API as well. We will certainly think of some ways to make use of this great tool. Cheers!