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Komi Republic of Icons

Igor Varenov is a talented icon designer who hails from the Komi Republic in Russia. You will notice right away that many of Igor’s icons are marked by scenes of the outdoors and an atmospheric landscapes that use muted colors to create a strong mood.

Wooden House by Igor Varenov

Fountain in Park

It is no surprise to see outdoor scenes mixed with beautiful architectures in Igor’s icons since many designers draw inspiration from their own lives and surroundings. The Komi Republic is the home of such beautiful wonders as the Manpupuner rock formations which are known as “The 7 Strong Men” and has lots of natural beauty to inspire any designer.

Mmmm – Beer

Mmm. Beer.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Design Process

Design Process

Check out Igor’s profile to see the other icons in his collection, and leave a note to say hello.

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