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Introducing version 5 – prepare to be inspired

Today we are announcing version 5. A major update to Iconfinder, centered around inspiration and exploration. Making finding icons faster and more fun.

Version 5 introduces Two new features to the site. Styles – a new set of filters for your search results and Categories – a brand new way of exploring icons by topic. We think you will really love these two new features.

With more than 350,000 icons on the site, Iconfinder is the largest source of premium icons around. And while having the largest selection of premium icons on the web is both a gift and a curse. It means that we almost always have the icon you are looking for, but also requires us to have the best ways of finding and displaying the content.

Guided tour of the new features (Video)

Lean back and watch this short video and get an introduction to the new stuff that we are releasing.

With Iconfinder version 5, we have added two new tools and a new look. Something that’s highly advanced, but looks simple and elegant to the user.


The new Styles filter on Iconfinder makes it easy to find the right icon among the hundreds or sometimes thousands of search results. By applying a style filter, you only see the icons that matches the look and feel for your specific project.

As Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashion fades, style is eternal. We think that applies to icons as well.

As design evolves, both on the web and in apps, we see a growing number of different styles and aesthetics. But unlike a lot of other sites, we feel that all styles have their time and place. We have been around for 7 years now and have seen trends come and go. As Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashion fades, style is eternal. We think that applies to icons as well.


While we were working on the new Styles filter, we chose to refactor and improve some existing code as well. You’ll notice that the URL will change when you apply the various filters to search results. This way you’ll be able to bookmark or share a specific search with all the filters you have chosen. On top of that you will be able to use the back button to go back and remove any filter you may have used.

More and more of our users have monitors with more than 1200px wide screens. We decided to move the filters to the left in a collapsable menu, making it easier to scan the filters with the eye, add titles to the filters and make room for the new Styles filter.


Categories is a brand new way of finding icons for your project. Categories let’s you quickly browse through a large collection of icon sets sharing a specific theme.

During December and January, we ran a survey asking you for feedback and what we could improve. And how could we improve?

Categories let’s you take a step back to explore and compare. We think this will be great for all designers.

Our team of categorizers have gone through all 2,330+ icon sets and divided them into matching categories and styles. This addition of new metadata is the foundation that lets you now just browse and get inspired.

Say you are creating a new app for foodies and want a great set of food related icons. Now, instead of doing multiple searches, you can just select the Food & Drinks category and instantly see all the related icon sets.

While search is a great way of finding icons, you sort of have to know exactly what you want, to use it. We wanted to create a new way of finding icons. One that takes an inspirational approach. Categories let’s you take a step back to explore and compare. We think this will be great for all designers.


New inspirational design

On top of the two new tools, Styles and Categories, Iconfinder version 5 also boasts a new look made for exploration and designed to inspire. While search caters perfectly to the laser focused designer, sometimes a more exploratory approach to your design, will help to inspire and yield a more creative end result.

In addition to the new design, icon illustrators can now also add a custom color scheme to their icons. This lets the illustrator present the icons with a creative and more personal touch.

Bringing colours to icons is great for the browsing experience, since it lets you quickly scan and separate thousands of icons. Browsing with colours is a more efficient and a more fun way of finding icons.


Behind the scenes

Here are a few snapshots from the office while we were working on this release.






IMG_6442 2


IMG_6454 2



We hope you will find the new features useful. Thank you for your support!

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      • First and coolest way for using the API is a create a mobile app. Currently API is not much enough rich for mobile app, but allows for some icon browsing. So I. hope to see cool new API in a near future. But I really don’t know are we able to use a current API for creating a free mobile app or not?

        • Alright, let me know if you have specific requests for the new version of the API.

          You can use the current API all you want of either free or premium apps – just make sure to respect the licenses of the icons. We have the license filter working in the current API.

  1. Keep up the great work guys! This is one of a few websites that never closes in my browser 🙂 Please keep up the great selection for “commercial – no backlink.” A lot of us rely on you now!