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Introducing Iconfinder Pro

Today we are announcing Iconfinder Pro: a brand new subscription-based product, made specifically for freelancers, agencies and creative teams.

Iconfinder Pro lets you find and download premium icons without blurry watermarks and without having to purchase them individually. On top of that, you get first class team management and hassle-free administration and billing.

Here’s a two-minute video introducing Iconfinder Pro:

What makes Iconfinder Pro, you know… Pro?

Iconfinder Pro is made for teams of professional designers often working on multiple projects with a lot of iterations, prototyping and a high level of quality requirements for the finished design. This is what we built Iconfinder Pro for; a product that is always there when you need it, with virtually no barriers between you and your design.

If icons are the symbolic screws that hold your design together and makes it usable, Iconfinder Pro will be the power drill you can always rely on.

Icons galore

Essentially what you get with Iconfinder Pro is complete access to the entire collection of premium icons without any watermarks. Free to be used in commercial design projects, this is a huge asset resource that suddenly becomes readily available. Perfect for agency projects, marketing presentations, website, apps and rapid prototyping.

Drag the handle to view the example of search results with Iconfinder Pro.

Made for teams

Often when working in design teams you get great ideas, but run into irritating bumps on the road towards the finished product: things like prototyping with watermarked material, running out of credits the night before a deadline or having to deal with complicated licensing.


Made specifically for freelancers, agencies and design teams, Iconfinder Pro makes working with icons a lot smoother.

With Iconfinder Pro you’ll get full access to all premium icons, in all formats and without any watermarks. And as a designer you never again have to worry about borrowing the company credit card, just to run out of credits anyway, the night before your deadline.

Hassle-free payment and easy administration

Dealing with micropayments, credits and a bundle of receipts quickly gets annoying and time consuming. Coming from an agency background, we know all about the daily hassles of administration, that take time away from getting actual work done.

That’s why we built Iconfinder Pro to be as hassle free and easy to administer as possible. You only get one receipt for accounting, team members can invite each other and you never have to deal with topping up credits.

Never worry about licensing again

Managing licences for assets can often be annoying and confusing. Using premium Iconfinder Pro icons avoids leading your team to a life of creative crime. Iconfinder Pro ensures that you always have the right license. We created one Basic license, that is easy to understand and allows you to use icons in commercial projects.

More to come

The launch of Iconfinder Pro marks the first step on the road to making Iconfinder one of the essential tools in the professional designer’s toolbox. And we are already working on the next set of tools and features making Iconfinder Pro even better.

Get started today

Starting at just $29 per month Iconfinder Pro is aggressively priced. Compared to buying icons through traditional stock photo sites, we believe Iconfinder Pro is the both the better deal and the better product.

Learn more and sign up at

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