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Jacob Cass: Making The Most of Iconfinder’s Referral Program

To give a bit of context to the insider tips below, I’ll let you know a bit about myself…

My name is Jacob Cass and I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, and I regularly share great deals and resources on my personal design blog Just Creative, which has approximately 23,000 subscribers. This blog and my social media accounts is where I promote Iconfinder.

Iconfinder reached out to me after seeing my quick success using their affiliate program, and asked if I would want to share my experiences, and tips. I happily obliged and here we are!

Getting Involved

As a regular icon user myself, I signed up to Iconfinder’s affiliate program, simply because they offer a killer product, at an affordable cost.

But we all know Iconfinder is a killer resource. You know that, I know that, but do your friends?

If not, now’s your chance to earn some good beer money, just by sharing the love. I’ve been doing JUST that and have had some really great results!

Big Earnings

As you can see, over the past few months I’ve earned approximately $209 just by acquiring a small handful of sales using my unique referral code.

Step 1. Grab Your Referral Code

If you have an Iconfinder account already, then you already have a unique referral code. Just log in to your account and click ‘Referral program’ on your dashboard.

2-referral-code (1)

Copy paste that link and you’re ready to share!

Step 2. Get Creative Promoting

Before you start promoting your code everywhere, ensure you have a strategy in mind.

The first step is ensuring your copy gets their attention. You can do that with a headline such as “1 Million Premium Icons – 50% Off” or similar.

Once you have their attention, go into further detail about why you love Iconfinder and why they will too. If you need some inspiration, here is the exact blog post I used to share with my readers.

3-iconfinder-sale (1)

Once you have got the enticing deal and copy in place, start by sharing it directly with your designer friends, on Facebook and other social media accounts, but customize your messaging based on where you are sharing.

Affiliate Sharing Tips:

Facebook – Share your personal experience, explaining why you love Iconfinder, then share the deal.

Twitter – Keep it very short, with just a headline even. Always include a photo.

Blog Post & Newsletter Send – Entice readers in with a strong headline, then explain the benefits in length. Ensure you have clear CTA.

Get promoting, it really is a win-win situation for all.

Good luck!

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