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Icons of the week – #59

We’ve stumbled upon some great new icons this week. This time we’ve added comments to each icon. Enjoy!

Avatars are basically icons, but their job is to show personality within a few pixels. These avatars are doing an excellent job at that.

Ink is a nice publishing platform for WordPress. Kyril Ku did a series of icons. It’s always nice to see the ideas that was tested before seeing the final version.

How cool is that? Synthesizers and music equipment looks great when scaled down.

Taking a concept for an icon and translating it to icons for all platforms can be difficult. This is a good example of how to do it successfully.

Great illustration. Notice how the strokes are dark red.

Bubble tea!

The designers at Dropbox has managed to come up with a graphical style that is instantly recognizable. We love their use of colorful icons.

The popular iStat menu got a new icon with version 5.

Our friend Asher did his own version of the iStat 5 icon – which one do you prefer?

Great little animation showing transitions between icons.

Tim Van Damme did a redesign of his personal website. A minimal design that only uses a large photo and four icons.

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