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Icons of the week – #53

This edition of Icons of the week is sort of a special edition. Our good friend and very talented illustrator Mette Ranking, designed a range of cute and cool animal icons. The icons were done as a side project as Mette explains…

Having worked on several Danish clients and projects over the last few years, each experience has consistently reminded me of the Scandinavian preference for simplicity. It surprises me every time and if pressed to describe the process on my work it would be something like this – step one: Design something as stripped down as possible, step two: Strip it down 50% more. Then you have probably achieved Danish minimalism. To keep this skill sharp, I decided to practice it on a series of animal icons that (for the most part) employ just lines and twists with a slight shadow to emphasize the two elements. I’m sure it’s still 25% “over the top” if you asked a Dane-off-the-street, but I quite like the effect. Here are 4 icons each for water, land, air, and small things from the animal world.

— Mette Hornung Rankin, Bureau of Betterment


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