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Icons of the week #13

Icons are useful for improving usability when users more quickly perceives the various options on screen. In mobile interfaces icons can replace text and make better use of the limited space.

As part of our Icons of the week series, we have put together this post with 10 interfaces that uses icons – use the sliders to see the interfaces with and without the icons, to get a feeling of what icons can do.

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  1. While I agree about the usefulness and importance of good icon design and implementation.. its unfair to try to show that by simply removing the icons from an existing design. A designer opting to create an icon-less design will make different decisions with typography, spacing and layout of the text that would be used instead of icons.
    A few of the examples above simply leave an empty box after removing the icon.. where a textbased replacement should have been added. A comparison with text replaced with removed icons would have better highlighted the importance of icons.

    • I agree with you that a designer would never leave an empty space like that. We considered moving the text, but decided that we would end up manipulating the design too much. This way we still illustrate the effect of icons (both in usability and the overall look’n’feel) in interfaces.

      Thank you for your feedback.