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Icons of the week #12

While everybody is talking about the new flat iOS7 icons, we’ve found 10 of the good old skeuomorphic ones for you. Are we really saying goodbye to all these lovely detailed icons?

Dribbble - Lion Icon Design Process [GIF] by Ramotion


Dribbble - Whiskey iPhone Icon by Konstantin Datz

Dribbble - Swim Shorts iPhone Icon by Konstantin Datz

Dribbble - Gamemachine by zigor

Dribbble - fresh tea by Pavel Nakonechniy

Dribbble - Bmw Icon by Soda

Dribbble - Accordion iOS Icon by Konstantin Datz

Dribbble - NikeSB App Icon by Hoshi Ludwig

Dribbble - Grambacker- Instagram Backup App Icon by Jivaldi

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  1. What no ways we are say good bye to these beauties …remember its just a trend next year or the year after the flat with change to something else but good design doesn’t matter what format lives for ever:)

  2. Amazing, we cannot forget this style of icons because I think Flat and Skeuomorphic are only two different taste like Orange and Apple