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Icons of the week #10: iOS7 Concepts

After the WWDC presentation Dribbble was flooded with alternative iOS7 concepts and redesigns. We’ve put together some of the best for you set in four categories, Control panels, Icon redesign, Photos icons, and the Safari icons.

iOS7 icon concepts

iOS 7 icons by Alexandr NohrinIos7 Icons by Gil

A better iOS 7 by Graphicure-Luca

Another one by Gustav aagren

iOS 7 by JustD

iOS 7 Icons by Matthew Skiles

iOS 7 Home Screen Icons by Sam Beckett

iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau 2

iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau

Ios7 Concept by Ariel VerberiOS7 Icons by ididi


Phone Icons Set by Ida Swarczewskaja

real_pixels.png by Carlos Gavina

Thoughts on ios7 by Dave Qin

Safari icon concepts

Call it Sfr for iOS7 by B3rto

I know, I know by Webshocker


iOS 7 grid system by Robert Hellmundt

iOS 7 Safari Icon and grid by Maximo Gavete

Safari by anon wuttowsky

Safari iOS 7 Icon Concept by Ali Rahmoun

Safari Ios7 by Justin Nurse

Safari iOS7 Fix by Jeremy Goldberg

The photo app concept icons

iOS 7 Photos by Philipp Antoni

Photos iOS7 Fix by Ermin Celikovic

iOS7 Control panel concepts

iOS7 - Dark Theme by Huig van der Waal2

iOS 7 Control Center Redesign by Clement Ng



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  1. Great post! Some of these concepts are really good, too. Several of the refresh concepts above stick pretty closely to the concepts Apple created but do what they did not: use consistent styling, line weights, strict adherence to the grid. Very nice post and very nice work.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I can only hope the design teams are Apple see this, and commission your icon sets to become implemented. Very successful system you’ve created here! Fantastic work!