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Icons with Love, From Romania

As we approach the major milestone of passing 1,000,000 icons on, our team has been thinking a lot about the incredible designers we have the privilege to work with every day. We have learned two fundamental truths from working with hundreds of designers, millions of users, and nearly one million icons.

First, when it comes to selling icons, more is better. Customers like having choices and the more choices they have, covering more needs, the happier they are. Second, quality is every bit as important as quantity. It isn’t enough to have a lot of icons, they have to be good icons.

Reviewing hundreds of thousands of icons, by hundreds of designers from all over the world you get to see all of the amazing icons by designers you might not have encountered otherwise. You also start to develop an eye for recognizing not only individual designers’ styles but also whom their influences are and even what kinds of things they care about.

Darius Dan, an amazing icon designer from the historic Transylvania region of Romania, is one of the newest designers to contribute to our site. Darius is the creator of the very popular Swift Icons collection. Not only does Darius have a very recognizable style, but he also stands out for the fact that his very first submission to Iconfinder included 8,416 icons. Darius literally increased our icon count by 1% with in fell swoop.

If you aligned Darius’s icons end-to-end, at 32 x 32 pixels they would stretch the full length of a football pitch. That’s a lot of icons!


That is an impressive number of icons but what is even more impressive is that the style is 100% consistent between all of the icons. We couldn’t wait to share Darius’s icons with you and we sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Marketing – Colored

Medical – Colored

Activities – Colored

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