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Icons from Iconfinder became a valuable extension of ConceptDraw PRO

For any graphic tool, the scalability of graphical content and pixel perfection are essential. Ability to offer useful content elements that can be easily dragged & dropped, scaled without compromising quality, and exported to required formats, are among the factors bringing certain softwares ahead of competition.

One example of such is ConceptDraw PRO, a business graphics and diagramming tool by CS Odessa. To make sure their users have the best quality scalable graphics at their fingertips, ConceptDraw PRO is using Iconfinder’s Extended Icon Library for their Solution Packages. Extended Icon Library allows softwares to have a tailored icon library containing icons from Iconfinder directly within their interface. Besides ensuring the pixel perfection of the offered graphics, it requires no integration with Iconfinder, meaning that the user interface stays true to the original product.

Below we present a closer look at how ConceptDraw PRO uses Iconfinder’s Extended Icon Library and what value it brings to it’s users.

About ConceptDraw PRO

ConceptDraw PRO is a business graphics and diagramming tool that enables its users to effectively visualize and communicate information and processes. The tool is used by professionals from various industries, such as business managers and marketers, IT specialists, architects, educators, as well as students. The projects users create range from business process diagrams, audit flowcharts, building plans, to maps or infographics, just to name a few. If you are interested in trying out the tool for yourself, CS Odessa is offering a free 21-day trial of ConceptDraw PRO.

To address diverse user cases, CS Odessa offers numerous extensions for ConceptDraw PRO. It’s Solution Park contains collections of plans, graphs, diagrams, infographics and illustrations. That is also where Iconfinder’s Extended Icon Library comes in handy.

new conceptdraw interface

Example of design element extensions offered by ConceptDraw

Helping users visualize structures, systems and processes with icons from Iconfinder

When searching for graphic elements to be added among their extension solutions, ConceptDraw PRO focuses on multiple qualities. The graphics need to be simple and recognizable, but at the same time comply with the standards in their field, so they can be used in professional documentation.

That is why Iconfinder was the to-go resource for solution categories with illustrative content. As Iconfinder has an extensive library of icons focusing on business, communication and digital elements, finding the perfect match that meets the criteria has been easy.

Currently, four different ConceptDraw PRO extension packages include icons from Iconfinder.

Computer and Communication solution includes icons depicting computers, communications, technologies, hardware, control, media, mobile, and telecom devices.

Some of the icons included in Computer and Communication Solution

Some of the icons included in Computer and Communication Solution

“Our users apply icons from Computers and Communications solution to illustrate the Video-on-demand (VoD) client-server architecture at NVR environment. High-resolution vector graphics are perfect for presentation needs as they can be scaled properly for large screens” – notes Anna Korlyakova, Marketing Manager at CS Odessa.

Another solution named Audio Video Media contains icons such as digital audio, video, photo gadgets and devices, audio video connections, and configurations. Anna admits that these icons are particularly liked by CS Odessa team.

Trying out Audio Video Media Solution icons in ConceptDraw PRO

Trying out Audio Video Media Solution icons in ConceptDraw PRO

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Diagrams pack includes icons that help to show in detail the IVR systems for inbound and outbound call centers and voice mail systems. They can be used to depict both logical and physical structure of IVR system.

Interactive Voice Response Systems Architecture created in ConceptDraw PRO using icons from Iconfinder

IVR systems architecture created in ConceptDraw PRO using icons from Iconfinder

Last but not least, Business and Finance solution contains icons depicting currencies, office elements, advertising, management, marketing, people, time, contacts, collaboration, and similar. According to Anna, using the Business and Finance solution icons in combination with basic drawing shapes in ConceptDraw PRO especially helps users to visualize the process of data management reporting.

Some of the icons included in Business and Finance Solution

Some of the icons included in Business and Finance Solution

“Iconfinder’s Extended Icon Library helps our users make professional-looking documents, presentations, and websites that are illustrated with high-resolution scalable images and can be easily converted into PDF, PPT files, exported to MS Word, HTML, and numerous graphical formats” – sums up Anna.

PDCA (plan–do–check–act) model created in ConceptDraw PRO using icons from Iconfinder

PDCA (plan–do–check–act) model created in ConceptDraw PRO using icons from Iconfinder

Visit our Extended Icon Library page to learn more about offering icons to your users as part of your product. No integration with Iconfinder needed.

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