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Iconfinder Hackathon – Day 1

We are doing a week long hackathon. Taking a week out of the normal schedule. A week to do something new, fun and challenging. Something that lets each team member focus on a isolated project fuelled by passion.

The reason for doing a hackathon is simple. We believe that it’s healthy for all startups to, once in a while, take some time out of the busy schedule and work on a personal project. It’s a way to view the company, the product and the technology in a new light. A way to gain some perspective and recharge the batteries.

Here are the projects the team will be working on.

Martin – Icon Designer Analytics™

Good analytics is essential for designers to decide where to focus their energy. We have tons of good data, that isn’t structured and presented to the designers. It’s a difficult task to design the interface and decide what to present and how to present it. Martin will be working on the concept and front-end for new icon designer analytics. Some data will not be available this week, but the concept will work as input for team members working with data collection.


Nick – Entangle, a MessagePack based IDL for a service oriented architecture

As Iconfinder gets bigger and more complicated, we’re slowly eeking towards a service oriented architecture. For this, we want a middle ground between underspecified RPC protocols and some of the overly complex IDLs out there: enter Entangle.


Silviu – Duplicate Icon Detection

We hate it when swindlers take advantage of the hard work of designers by copying their work and re-uploading it as original artwork. To counter this, we are building a duplicate image detection system which will be integrated into our approval process.


Jens – Iconfinder Chrome Extension

Jens will be looking into developing a google chrome extension. First goal will be a simple “quick search button” witch will take you directly to your search result on iconfinder. Second goal will be to make the extention detect when you are searching for the word “icons” on other search sites and then inject Iconfinder results on that sites search results.


Jess – Referral program

This is something we have been discussing for a long time, but haven’t had the time to focus on. The simple idea of a referral program is to reward users who recommends a product or a service to other users. This week I will be working on a model and a prototype for letting users spread the word about Iconfinder. The inspiration for this project derives from a range of successful programs from companies like Dropbox and Fab.


The project are already well under way. Look for the day 2 update tomorrow, where we will share some of the progress.

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