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Icon Design and The Quantum Leap

Icon designers have submitted over 500,000 icons to the marketplace in the past year alone. That is an average of about 10,000 icons per week. While reviewing this many icons, we often spot trends and changes in that occur overall but also changes and improvements in the icon designs from each designer.

The rate at which a designer improves is usually directly related to how many icons they create and how often they create them. Designers who rarely create new icons improve at a slower rate while designers who are always creating new icons improve at a steady rate.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs with most designers who are really dedicated and create icons daily or almost daily. The quality of designs that were improving steadily will suddenly take a huge step forward and the designer’s work will suddenly become much, much better.

We call this phenomenon the “Quantum Leap”. As a designer it is very satisfying and exciting to experience it one’s self. As a lover of all great icons, it is thrilling and inspiring to see it happen to another designer. We have witnessed several designers whom have experienced the leap, but this week we are focusing on a single designer: Min Tran Dinh, an icon designer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Min has been selling icons on Iconfinder since 2010, and while his designs have always been good, he recently made the quantum Leap and created a truly beautiful and inspiring collection of nearly 1,200 icons named, simply, Epic. Min is currently putting the finishing touches on an update that would increase the number of icons to over 2,300. We think you will agree, it is a fitting name.




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  1. I wish I had an opportunity for fast icon replacement on Iconfinder. Since I start drawing icons I discover a lot and want to improve my old works. But deleting and uploading it again is not so fast process :)))