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Data, data, data!

Today Iconfinder is proud to announce that our new & improved sales analytics tool has been released. We have the world’s largest database of unique icons, but what does that matter if we don’t have what people are looking for? So we decided to help the contributors figure out what people want.


Get a quick overview of all your icon sets. You can see how much you have earned in the given period in total as well as for individual icon and icon set sales. You will also see the average earning per icon sale. It’s easy to go one step deeper – just click an icon set name.

Icon set page

On this page you will get a similar summary as on the overview page. You will also find specific sales data for each icon in the icon set along with the tags for each icon. So if an icon is low on sales, you can perhaps come up with a few more relevant tags. We also have a rank shown with a green bar. This indicates how well it’s doing in the search results. If an icon has been spammed with tags, meaning it has too many tags, then this can affect the score negatively. The rank is a variable number ranging 0 to 100. Higher scores are better, lower scores worse. (Hint: The ideal number is between 4 and 7 tags per icon)


Collection page

This page is similar to the two other but shows the sales for the collection along with the icon sets in it.


What! No charts?

We love charts just as much as you do, so we focused on getting the reports out with tables. We’ll add charts a long with data export features very soon.

If you are an icon designer with icons on, go to Sales analytics to try it out.

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