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Exclusive release: IconEden’s free icons

Good news everyone! IconEden and IconFinder have teamed up and all of IconEden’s free icons, will be available and searchable here on

IconEden is a reliable source of high quality icons. They sell their premium icons in icon sets at prices ranging from $19 to $199. You can also get membership in their Icon club, currently at a special offer at $99, which will give you access to more than 2,000 fantastic icons. They also offer custom designed icons for your upcoming project.

But back to the free icons: IconEden have made several icon sets, which you can download from their website, but have agreed to make them available on too.


The icons are free for commercial work, but you are not allowed to redistribute them. Please read the full license before using the icons.

IconEden has given an exclusive license to allow redistribution of the icons on this site.

The free icons include


This is the first free-of-charge set of 148 hand-crafted icons we joyfully present. The BRIGHT! set is ideally for both web and print work, available in EPS format from

FRESH Add-on

To continue our grateful attitude to our customers and community in general, we release this set free of charge. In the set are totally fresh appealing icons that surely will make your web applications and softwares more attractive and adorable.


The Glossy Buttons is a set of 33 simple, crisp and well-designed icons. The combination of fresh color scheme and sharp shapes make the icons prominent and easy to use.


Inspired by the iPhone app icons, the iCandies pack is designed to perfectly suit your social media projects. All the icons in this pack – 60 icons in total – are designed in Round Rectangle shape and delivered in sizes of 64×64, 48×48, and 32×32 pixels.


Milky is another giveaway of vector iconset from to community. It is a collection of more than 131 icons in green color. The Milky set is designed 48×48 and 64×64 PNG image files.


Shine is a set of 31 shiny realistic icons. The combination of prominent 3d shapes and fresh color scheme make Shine really stand out from the crowd. With 31 icons in 5 different sizes, Shine is extremely versatile.

Smashing Christmas

The set boasts 39 beautiful, well-crafted icons with a warm and welcoming color scheme. Button style, realistic style, simple shape style, you name it, Smashing Christmas has it.


iValentine is a set of 14 beautiful iconset with a warm and happy color scheme.


Yummy is a set of delicious, tasty and beautiful free iconset. Yummy contains 20 icons available in various sizes, from 48px square to 128px square.


We love Twitter and we designed this cute little iconset for Twitterer community. Birdies is the set of 12 pixel icons.

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