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Order custom icons via messages on Iconfinder

That icon set you’ve found is perfect but it lacks one or two specific icons. You really like the designer’s style but she doesn’t have any icons in the category you need. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. With our improved messaging feature, ordering simple custom design service is easier than ever.

Our update of messaging feature helps you easily order any extra icons from the designers you like. Simply send a personal message to the designer, and, if she’s up for the job, follow the whole process in the same window – from payment to the delivery of final design.

How it works

When you know which designer you want to order from, simply send them a personal message on Iconfinder. You can send a message by going to the designer’s profile and clicking the “Message” button.


You can also reach out to a designer directly from any of their listed icons or icon sets.



From there on, all the project communication and delivery will be handled in the same message thread. Use messages to agree on project details, such as requirements, delivery deadline and price.


When the project details are sorted, designer will request a prepayment. You can make the payment from the same window in just a few clicks. Before you do so, make sure you have entered the billing details for your Iconfinder account.


When the prepayment is made, a receipt will be generated, and the designer will start crafting your icons. The designer won’t get the money just yet, as your payment will be held in escrow during the process.

The conversation continues, as the designer will be sharing her previews of work-in-progress, asking for your feedback and delivering the final product. All the project files stay in the message thread and can be downloaded at any time.

The project is considered finished only when you click the “Confirm delivery” button. Hooray! That is also when the designer gets paid for her hard work.


Money held in escrow

When you and the designer agree on project details, you will be asked to prepay the project. But don’t worry – until the project completion is actively confirmed by you, your money will be securely held in escrow. This means that the designer won’t be able to access your payment until you confirm that you have received the final product. This way you can be ensured that the designer stays committed throughout the process.

Verified designers

We conduct a manual screening of the designers who sell on our marketplace. To make sure you order icons from already verified contributors, look for a tiny green checkmark next to their profile picture.

melissa the designer

Green little checkmark indicates the designer is verified

We’ve got you covered

Don’t forget to follow up on a hard work of the designer. If you cease to take action when the product has been delivered, or you reject it without giving a reason, the designer will still get paid.

On the other hand, if it happens that the designer doesn’t deliver on his promise, or you experience any other issues along the way, we are always there to help you. Just reach out to us, and we will gladly investigate your case.

If you have a large and more complex custom icon design request, we recommend you to contact us via

For any questions about our custom design service, check the support article or ping us at

If you are a designer

If you are one of the designers selling on Iconfinder, you can learn how to apply the feature for your next project from this quick manual. Note, that Iconfinder takes 5% cut from the amount you enter in the payment request. If you have any feedback about the feature, feel free to ping us anytime. Happy designing!

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