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Contest: Made With Iconfinder

Every day we see you and your fellow designers create amazing work with icons from Iconfinder. To celebrate the work you do, we have decided to award the top talent with some fine prizes and some good exposure. This is a chance for you as a designer to showcase your skills and win awesome prizes.

What qualifies as “made with Iconfinder”?

“Made with Iconfinder” means that your design has to use one or more icons available from Iconfinder.

Your creation can be pretty much any creative work of art you have done. Websites, apps, videos, presentations or brochures – all are welcome!

When evaluating the projects, the judges will be looking at:

  • The overall execution of you project
  • How well icons were integrated into the design
  • Bonus for creative use of icons.

Meet the judges

We gathered a group of talented designers who all work professionally with icons, but also design websites and apps themselves, to pick the best of the best:

How to present your work

As a designer you know that presentation matters. So, just like when presenting your work to your boss or a client, you should put a bit of effort in presenting your project for the judges.

There is no best way to present your project, but think about how it can be at it’s best for that crucial first impression.


This is just an example on, how your work could be put in a context to enhance the presentation.

When submitting your project, you have the option to link to your project (if it’s already online) and also to upload a one or more files (in a ZIP file.)

The prizes

Although the honour of winning would be enough for most designers, we decided award the top talent with some awesome prizes:

1st place

iPadIf your project is judged as being the very best design among all the entires, you will receive the following:

t-shirt2nd and 3rd place

If your project was almost, but not quite the very best, your efforts will still be rewarded with:

All entries will be showcased in a future gallery.

How to apply now

Simply fill out the form and hit submit. You have until Thursday, May 8th to submit your project for the contest. Winners will be announced Monday, May 12th. Update: Winners will be announced at a later date, due to extended voting time needed.



When you fill out the form, think about how you can sell your design to the judges. Explain the ideas behind the design and what considerations you had with regards to picking the right icons. Good luck!

Special rules and terms

  1. The icons used in your project have to be findable on
  2. Your project must be a real “live” piece of work. Having a cool concept is not enough.
  3. You can only submit one project, so pick your best one.

Please post questions in the comments below.

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