Save your filter settings for later

We’ve made a small update to the search interface and more specifically how filters work. You can now check a checkbox which lets you save your filter settings. If you choose this option, you will see your filter setting appear on the homepage, the next time you visit So, for example, if you prefer vector icons only, you can have that filter on permanently.


It’s a small update, but it can you save time and energy during a day with heavy design work. We hope you like it – let us know in the comments below.

We recently launched a new subscription plan along with AI and CSH format.

Introducing version 5 – prepare to be inspired

Today we are announcing version 5. A major update to Iconfinder, centered around inspiration and exploration. Making finding icons faster and more fun.

Version 5 introduces Two new features to the site. Styles – a new set of filters for your search results and Categories – a brand new way of exploring icons by topic. We think you will really love these two new features.

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