Upcoming price changes

First off, thank you for being a customer at Iconfinder and help support the icon designers as well as us.

Iconfinder Pro was launched in 2014. Since then we have made numerous improvements to continue to add value for subscribers. Most importantly, we have added an average of 60,000 new Premium icons per month with continually increasing quality from the world’s most talented icon designers. We have kept the prices at $9 for the Starter plan and $29 for the Unlimited plan, while at the same time paying $1,250,000 to the designers. It is time for us to adjust the prices to be able to remain competitive and fairly compensate designers. Continue reading

Say hello to IconJar format

We are very excited to announce the first fruit of our friendship with IconJar. All icon sets on Iconfinder are now supported in IconJar format. That means more than 40,000 icon sets are available for an effortless import to IconJar along with their metadata. This is a step forward in making the process of working with icons easier and great news for those who maintain extensive icon libraries while also frequently search for new designs. It was about time!

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Startups choose simple and efficient custom icon design service

Last month we released a major upgrade to our messaging feature. Now users and designers can effortlessly undergo any custom design order using our simple messaging interface. The updated interface can be used to issue a prepayment request, pay it, send attachments and confirm project delivery. In this post we will look at some of the first custom projects ran using the tool.

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Year in review: 2016 at Iconfinder

2016 was a very special year for Iconfinder. We hit a bunch of significant milestones while growing our marketplace, introduced an array of new products, and expanded our team. And, most importantly, we kept designers at the forefront of our focus. We continued on building means that help icon designers do what they truly love – design icons – and get recognition. At the same time, we worked on making sure that our users can find the right icons for their projects in no time.

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Jacob Cass: Making The Most of Iconfinder’s Referral Program

To give a bit of context to the insider tips below, I’ll let you know a bit about myself…

My name is Jacob Cass and I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, and I regularly share great deals and resources on my personal design blog Just Creative, which has approximately 23,000 subscribers. This blog and my social media accounts is where I promote Iconfinder.

Iconfinder reached out to me after seeing my quick success using their affiliate program, and asked if I would want to share my experiences, and tips. I happily obliged and here we are!

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