Finding more duplicate icons – An introduction to image feature extraction


Authors: Radu Ciocoiu & Silviu Tantos

Following a small experiment in the spring on detecting duplicate icons. We wanted to dive deeper into this field. One of the main task in finding identical icons, is that they are most often not digital duplicates, but still look identical. This challenge can be partly overcome by using a technique called feature extraction. Let me explain… Continue reading

Justifying spending time on “worthless” coding


Have you noticed something different about Iconfinder in the last few weeks? No? You weren’t supposed to. But, in fact, everything, other than what you as a user actually see, has changed. In the last month almost half of the code base running Iconfinder has been swapped out for a completely new structure in what is arguably the biggest refactor we’ve done since we switched to a brand new code base in late 2012. Continue reading

When the database is fast enough


A while back I gave a general talk about how we decided to pull the plug and move Iconfinder to Django. One of the parts of the presentation, which got the most attention, was about how we reduced the page generation time for an average search from 91 to 20 milliseconds without fiddling with our caching layer, database or search engine. By popular demand, I thought it was worth walking you through exactly what we did. Continue reading