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A new beginning

We’re proud to present an updated version of our mascot, the re-design of as well as new members to the team.


Our cute little mascot has been on the homepage of Iconfinder since 2009. It was originally drawn by the talented Russian design firm; Turbomilk. Retina displays are gaining traction and we wanted to take advantage of that and get the mascot redone to look good on these new displays.

We chose to work with SoftFacade (more specifically, the brilliant designer, Dmitry Tsozik) and gave them free reign to update the mascot. The only constraint was to keep the overall shape of the robot and retain the friendly look.

You should really check out Softfacade’s case study about the project.

What’s new on

The frontend has been rebuilt using Twitter’s great Bootstrap framework. The homepage, search results and icon details pages are responsive and should look good on all resolutions.

The first major update will include continous scrolling in the search results page.

Presenting the new team

Some of you may have heard that we have raised money from Danish VCs VF Ventures. That has given us the oppurtunity to become a small and effective team of four people (so far).

Here’s the team:


Martin LeBlanc


CEO. Is responsible for product development, design and frontend.


Twitter: @leblancstartup



team_steffenSteffen Thilsted

CMO. Responsible for marketing, communication and business development.



team_nickNick Bruun

CTO. Makes sure the servers are running and is head of development.


Twitter: @nickbruun


team_yevYev Chillen

Our new developer who will be working on both back- and frontend work. Has previously worked at Facebook and Yahoo!


What’s next?

We’re working hard on the next version of Iconfinder which will debut in the beginning of 2013. Until then we’ll continue to optimize and add features to the existing version and of course add lots of new great icons.

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