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50 Icon Sets with Stroked Icons

With Apple’s new look’n’feel making heavy use of stroked icons, you will probably be looking for this style of icons in the near future. We have made it easy for you and collected all the icon sets in this style from Iconfinder. They are a mix of free and premium – all vector and high quality. Enjoy!

Streamline Icons

Lightly Icons



Inverticons Stroke vol. 1

Inverticons Stroke vol. 2

Inverticons Stroke vol. 3

Inverticons Stroke vol. 4

55 Files and Documents

Flaticons stroke

iOS7 icons



City icons


Energy SVG icons

Vectory weather 1

Vectory Personnel 1

Vectory Personnel 2

Vectory Multimedia 1

Vectory Multimedia 2

Vectory Finance 2

Vectory Finance 1

Vectory Bonus 1

Vectory Bonus 2

Vectory Bonus 3

Vectory Symbols

Vectory Office

Vectory Basic

Pictograms #1

Pictograms #2

Wirecons Free Vector Icons



Linecons Free – Vector Icons Pack


Food icons

Web icons 1

Web icons 2

Web icons 3

Business icons

Weather icons 1

Weather icons 2

Tech icons

Kitchen icons 1

Kitchen icons 2

People icons

Communications icons

Archive icons

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