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15 New Flat Icon sets

Thought flat design was just a fad? No, in fact Flat style icons are more popular than ever. So our talented icon designers keeps coming up with new flat icons. Here are 15 new sets from the last week. Hope you like them.

Ellipicons #1 – by Graphiqa Inc.

Flatron 2 – by Galea Dacian

Ballicons 2 Free – by Pixel Buddha

Pet icons – by Chananan S.

Computer – by Tariq Kelker

Social Flipicons | vol 2 – by Graphiqa Inc.

Search Engine Optimization – by Anatolii Babii

Bibicons – by Vectorgraphit

Iconsimple: Multimedia – by Iconsimple

Icoflat 2 – by GHEATA PAULA

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  1. Flat design is only popular within the self-loving echo-chamber that is filled with out of work (or soon to be out of work) talentless sheep UI developers.

    It is laughable that a design fad which grew old in the 1960s is considered “modern”.